Brave Little Army


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The Future is Female – and Bright – for Brave Little Army 

Toronto ONSept. 21, 2018 — Created with an all-female crew and production team, and featuring music by teen girl folk rock band, Moscow Apartment, Brave Little Army is anything but little. That’s why one of the longest-running women’s film festivals in the world – The St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival – is the perfect venue for its world premiere this October.

The festival, which runs Oct. 17-21, is celebrating its 29th year, and announced their full lineup of films, all of which are written or directed by women, at their press conference on September 20th.

Set in 1984, Brave Little Army is a short film about the genesis of a fierce friendship between four 12-year-old girls, played by Rosali Annikie, Lyla Elliott, Amanda Cheung and Faith Vanderwerf.

A directorial debut for actor Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt, it is the story of how Em, the bold new girl at school, inspires her three classmates to be true to themselves. When the girls are confronted with a dark reality, their friendship is sealed.

Known for her work on the series Super Zee and Yoga 101, director of photography Gayle Ye’s masterful cinematography is the perfect lens through which to enjoy the collaborative production design in the talented hands of key makeup artist Karlee Morse, art director Alicia Hodgins and costume designers Deanna Sciortino and Debora Siegel.

Intuitive composer Janal Bechthold (Art of Obsession) scores the film, along with original music arranged and performed by Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla of Moscow Apartment – an award-winning duo on the rise in the Toronto indie music scene.

Thanks to editor Sydney Cowper (Poor Agnes) and sound editor Bridget Tang (The Arabian Warrior), Brave Little Army is a skillfully crafted and mixed 5 minutes that packs a punch, resulting in what is sure to be a refreshing addition to the festival circuit this year.