Hollywood North Magazine – Review: Brave Little Army – Nov. 15, 2018

“The story itself is well written and it’s amazing how it goes so rapidly from radical to simplistic to whoa-whats-going-on-here. Gayle Ye’s fine cinematography shows bold colours and appropriate solid lighting to add to any scene. Combined with the seamless and professional editing done by Sydney Cowper teamed up with sound designer Bridget Tang, the film is a true cinematic masterpiece that will want you to see more plot, and let’s not forget that amazing music provided by Janal Bechthold along with Moscow Apartment (Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla).” 

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The Western Star – Review: Brave Little Army – Oct. 23, 2018

“The new kid in school, a punk-rocker in a leather jacket, is an inspiration to a group of schoolgirls, who quickly add this unique individual to their friend group, becoming a dynamic quartet of fearless badasses.”

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VOCM News – Interview: Brave Little Army – Oct. 22, 2018

“Toronto based filmmaker Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt wrote and directed the short film “Brave Little Army” which screened yesterday. She says the festival has inspired her. D’Alessandro Hatt attended the festival last year as an actress. She made lasting connections and felt empowered to take on her own project.”

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